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Tens of thousands of books are collected in the library and they are sorted into different categories. Many books are returned by readers on the service counter every day and librarians have to put them back to the area where they belong by walking, which makes librarians fatigued. Now, Airwheel X5 can help librarians out.

In the eyes of many people, the work of librarians is just arranging some books. That’s, actually, not the truth at all. Generally speaking, tens of thousands of books are collected in the library and they are sorted into many different categories, such as literature, history, economy, politics, or architecture and so on. There are many books returned by readers on the service counter every day. Then, librarians have to put those books back to the area where they belong by walking. It seems as if it is a light-hearted work. However, after a day’s working, librarians will be exhausted. But now, there is a tool that can help librarians out and its name is Airwheel X5 electric unicycle.


It is well-known that library is demanding for quiet atmosphere so as to let readers read books single-hearted. Based on advanced noise-reduction technology, Airwheel X5 single-wheeled electric scooter is totally noise-free during the riding and that is the top reason why it can be applied to library. Meanwhile, the riding of Airwheel X5 electric scooter is stable and comfortable. It realizes self-balancing by using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Riders can accelerate and decelerate by leaning forward and backward. It is easier to learn than riding bicycle. Besides, the safety of librarians during riding should be taken into full consideration. Airwheel X5 is guarded by speed limit protection. That is to say, when the speed of X5 exceeds 12km/h, the two pedals will be lifted up and the speed will be controlled within safe range.


In addition, applying Airwheel X5 self-balancing scooter to library is also good to improve the working efficiency of librarians. Maybe they can spend half a day to finish a whole day’s work. More importantly, they will be less laborious than before, which also meets humanization requirement.

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