‘Steady Shot Bot’ Seeks Backing to Revolutionize the Consumer Film Tool Industry

DeveloperDavid Johnson has created an all-in-one photography and Cinematographertool, “Steady Shot Bot”, providingamazing photography techniques and capabilities in a single unit at an affordable price. David has started a KickStarter campaign to raise funds to fuelthemanufacturing and distribution.

Photography is an art that can be made moreengaging with the use of right technology and every photographer loves to use varioustools to enhance andexpress their creativity. However, using such specialized techniques like Steadicam, time lapse and hyper lapse is very expensive and reserved for professionals withthe current options available.

That is why David Johnson was adamant oncreating the above features in an easy and affordable unit leading him to develop “Steady Shot Bot” – a multi-functional 4-axis steadicam robot for manual or automated hyper lapse, Steadicam or motion film camera shots. He received such positive feedback on the producttesting it motivated him to bring it to marketfor photographers on a larger scale through his Kickstarter campaign.

David explains, “Steady Shot Bot is one-of-a-kind.The combined functionality just isn’t available in any other product”. His statement is quite convincing as Steady Shot Bot operates in multiple ways to provide broad functionality. This all-in-one unit provides options of using it for timelapse, hyper lapse,Steadicam, to get tracking shots and much more. For ease of use, it comes with a remote control unit in order to configure preset positions remotely as well as full remote camera control when using it in a Steadicam /freestyle mode.

It is a perfect single-unit combination of a 4-axis motion control system, an intervalometer and a steadicam gimbal, the most useful tools for photographers. With many options and ease of use, this is useful for all enthusiast into photography and cinematography. It allows shooting high quality cinematic video shotsas well as automated hyper lapse sequences or tracking camera shots for casual photographers.

When asked about the inspiration behind his revolutionary tool, David said, “With the limited options and high prices of professional tools,there is a need for tools that combine high-end studio capabilities for the casual photographer without sacrificing quality.” He also said that technology and use of 3-D printing technology has helped to develop the product faster than traditional methods and the current design is the result ofa number of prototypes produced through the evolution of the product. 

The final product will be manufactured with injection molded parts but since the project is open hardware and software, DIY users can download and modify the components and software to meet their specific needs. 

After thorough research and a year developing Steady Shot Bot, the product is ready for manufacturing; the KickStarter campaign will help the team raise funds for the production tooling, FCC certification, software development, manufacturing assembly and packagingto distribute the product commercially to its backers.

More information can be found on their website: www.steadyshotbot.com

You can get a Steady Shot Bot of your own from their Kickstarter page: 


Video Link: https://youtu.be/9MDYzotpErU

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