Health Is Wealth: Choosing A Career In Medicine

The field of health and medication is growing at a quick pace and a profession in this sector can prove to be extremely rewarding, both financially and socially. One of the several jobs in this sector is that of a pharmacist, which is not only demanding but highly rewarding, if done in the proper way. A pharmacist guides an individual while dispensing medicines and also informs him of the possible reactions of the medication. Being a pharmacist requires several years of education and training to obtain the proper knowledge, skills and perfection that this job role demands.

A person aspiring to be one can expect to spend anywhere between six to thirteen years completing pre-requisites, Pharma.D coursework, clinical rotations and national level examinations. One should also understand that there are finer details of this process that should not be ignored. gives out a detailed analysis of the steps involved in becoming a pharmacist. There are a few basic steps like filling out the pre-requisites and choosing certain academic courses that will come into play which is discussed at length on The next step involves earning the Doctor Of Pharmacy degree that may take around four years of study. The final step is to pass the National Licensing Exam that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the practice of pharmacy and the laws involved. It is also expected to experience a number of internships in order to create a drugstore like environment that will test the candidate’s practical application skills.

Another wonderful career is that of a physician assistant. Physician assistants work under the supervision of a doctor, surgeon or medical professional to provide support to a medical team or facility. It is an adventurous career and can prove to be extremely exciting provided proper expertise and skill is acquired through extensive training and academic qualification. One needs to start by acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in any field and then move on to attain a Master’s physician assistant program for two years. After completing a program that is accredited by ARC-PA, candidates must pass the Physician Assistanst National Certifying Exam, which is a five hour long test, consisting of 300 multiple choice questions. The final step is to take the Physician Assistants National Recertifying Exam in the final two years of their maintenance cycle. While studying for this course, it is quintessential to study for GRE. Learning new vocabulary words everyday can enhance one’s chances of success in this field. At candidates will get to know that a successful career in this field needs a proper combination of skills, credentials, tools and technology.

In both the fields, one needs to do meticulous groundwork, choose the right specializations, the right school and the right amount of references. After all this is done, the best way to keep a career flourishing is to implement all that one has learned in the field of work. is an incredible site where one can uncover the detailed steps of both these careers and achieve unparalleled success in life.

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