How to Avoid a Conflict With Employees About Complying with Work Regulations

Motivated employees work better and motivated employees tend to feel driven to work harder and longer with the company.
Employee awareness and motivation is one of the fundamental factors contributing to the success of an organization. To achieve better results, an organization must invest in the training and motivation of employees.

The reason is twofold; motivated employees work better and motivated employees tend to feel driven to work harder and longer with the company.

However, to motivate employees to comply with regulations is as challenging as maintaining the loyalty of a client.

Different things motivate different employees. Some employees are motivated with monetary incentives while some are motivated by appreciation and challenge.

The most common mistake employers make is to enforce complicated rules that are difficult to understand. Some employers also tend to avoid discussion with employees regarding their expectations and the culture of the company. This frequently makes them feel like their creativity and abilities are not appreciated. It’s also a critical mistake to let employees feel like they’re not trusted. Strict policies as opposed to increasing compliance in the employees tend to distance them from the company.

The following guidelines can help employers set the most appropriate regulations for their employees and ensure communication:

• There should be a proper manual and guidance book regarding the responsibilities of different offices in the organization, which can be referred to in case of confusion.

• To make your employees comply with the regulations, you must follow them yourself first. If the priest fails to practice, why would the followers follow? Similarly, the management must first practice the rules.

• Inappropriate and unjust behavior must be immediately addressed by management. Progressive discipline and counseling approach should be employed rather than “you will be punished for this” approach.

• Communicate the guidelines of the workplace very clearly in the most professional manner possible.

• Keep the rules and regulations consistent.

• Seek feedback of the employees on the policies and rules. Request better ideas to improve the policies. This way the staff would feel involved in the running of the company, adding value to their function.

• Make sure that management’s behavior against those who disobey the rules and regulations is consistent and fair. To be lenient once and strict at other times will always leave the employees confused about these policies.

• Finally, explain to your employees through compliance training how these regulations are of mutual benefit.


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