The Importance of Developing a Safe Environment from Which to Treat Addiction

Physical safety is paramount, and this often involves separating the patient from their home environment.
Mental health issues can still carry a stigma about the sufferer – is there a self-control problem, or a weakness of mind that causes the person to have trouble integrating with society?

The shaming that can come from strained business relationships, financial issues, or even a damaged marriage or close friendship can be devastating to the mental health patient who is also suffering from addiction.  Not only are there often underlying self-concept issues that impact the patient’s perception of the world, there are also the effects of the addiction to deal with.  When a patient is ready to seek out help, it is critical that there is a safe environment which will nurture the process, and not pose any additional threat to recovery.  A program that can focus not just on weaknesses, but also on strengths can greatly facilitate the recovery process.  

Physical safety is also paramount, and this often involves separating the patient from their home environment.  The dedicated space, removal from peer pressure and specialized attention can give the patient and treatment professionals the mental and emotional framework needed to rebuild behavior patterns which have been in place for years.  In addition, when the patient is ready to begin seeing the world differently, being in a physically different environment makes it easier to structure new lifestyle patterns which can be brought back into the home.

It is equally important that, whether it is an inpatient or out-patient experience, the treatment should isolate the patient from the mental health triggers and addiction triggers which have posed issues in the past.  The treatment platform needs to take special care to prevent alcohol, drugs, bullying and negative pressure from the area the patient should be trusting as the best location in which to recover and learn.  Therapists and treatment professionals should ensure the security of each individual in the program, and make sure that even during time away from the program, there is accountability for anyone who attempts to disrupt the treatment environment by introducing these risk factors.

By establishing a safe and secure treatment environment and nurturing the patient through the perception challenges which have led to a place of addiction and pain, a treatment or therapy program can not only serve as a conduit for healing and health, but can actually give the patient back a self that is stronger and more powerful than before.  Choosing a safe treatment program for your loved one or yourself is of paramount importance, in order for treatment to be a life-long success.


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