Creating an Unforgetable Wedding Experience of a Life Time

The wedding ceremony location and features should be personal to the couple, and offer a unique, joyful and memorable experience.
When planning a wedding, it can take on a life of its own. The various expectations, hopes, and dreams for a life together make every decision seem big – from the cake, to the shoes, it can be enough to trigger a tantrum in the most patient and loving couple.

The real difficulty is blending a meaningful and traditional ceremony that establishes the marriage as one in a long line of family unions that have thrived, while at the same time imbuing the event with the personality and charm of the couple being joined together.

Fortunately, modern couples have an opportunity to both respect and honor the tradition of marriage while allowing the relationship that’s being celebrated to shine through.  More than just the reception, the ceremony itself has become a critical point to restate the meaning of the relationship and the personality of the union.  If you are able to, take advantage of the opportunity to work with an officiant who is flexible, patient, and understands the desire to make every moment of the wedding a memory!

For couples who share a religious faith, selecting an officiant can be easy.  However, many couples consider an officiant who can speak to multiple faiths, or select multiple officiants.  Some couples opt for a spiritual, but less traditional, ceremony.  Whenever possible, an officiant should be interviewed by both parties, and an understanding of the officiant’s capabilities and specialties should be clear before making an agreement about such an important ceremony.  The traditions of glass breaking, dove release, handfasting and other deeply venerated celebrations should be discussed with the officiant.  Ideally, your choice should involve a personal connection with a marriage officiant who is experienced in your chosen traditions, flexible about the personalization of the ceremony, and able to take on the unique features of your particular wedding that you will remember and cherish for years to come.

When thinking about the opportunities to make a ceremony unique, both celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike have crafted wedding experiences in hot air balloons, at amusement parks, on graceful cruise ships, and at international destinations that will thrill their guests and attendants.  The wedding ceremony location and features should be personal to the couple, and offer a unique, joyful and memorable experience.  Chances for photography during the ceremony can be maximized with a skillful officiant who has experience in personalized ceremonies.  No matter what the plans are for this particular wedding, the officiant can be a resource for both spouses, and the wedding can be the dream ceremony the couple has always wanted.


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