Harmful Effects that Adrenaline Dominance Sustains on the Body

Excess adrenaline can have many negative effects on your body.
Adrenaline dominance is a condition that is responsible for causing many serious illnesses that are felt to be incurable. It is caused by an excess of adrenaline, which is both a hormone as well as a neurotransmitter.

As a hormone it provides people with energy; as a neurotransmitter it gives people intelligence and enhances creativity.

CEOs and athletes around the world can thank adrenaline for their accomplishments.These types of people produce excess adrenaline. Although adrenaline can have many positive effects, negative effects often outweigh the positive. Excess adrenaline can cause many health problems such as; ADHD, road rage, and insomnia. Often times, the internalization of anger from excess adrenaline results in depression. These health problems begin to stack up and can begin to become overwhelming. It’s critical to manage proper hormone levels to prevent this from happening. Excess adrenaline can create stress and shorten telomeres, both of which lead to a shortened lifespan.

Those people who toss and turn all night, grind their teeth, get up to urinate, fall asleep when other people are driving, have trouble focusing, and what seems to be the most odd — finding that animals and small children are attracted to them, most likely suffer from excess adrenaline. Most of the tragic mass shootings throughout the country have had one obvious similarity. Every shooter has had the same hormone imbalance, namely, an elevated amount of adrenaline. Excess adrenaline is the only cause of anxiety, it causes IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic interstitial cystitis, tinnitus, and even bed-wetting in children. Just about 100% of people in AA have excess adrenaline. Those women who vomit throughout their entire pregnancy can thank adrenaline.

On the positive side, excess adrenaline is easy to treat in a natural way. The approach to lowering adrenaline involves treating the underlying reason that the body is releasing this “fight-or-flight” hormone even though there is no danger to respond to. It involves tweaking the diet, along with the correct use of progesterone cream.

Many can suffer from excess adrenaline and be completely unaware of the underlying cause. It is a serious situation that is not appreciated by doctors who are more comfortable treating their patients’ with Band-Aids, rather than trying to eliminate the cause of their problem.

Adrenaline dominance can control someone’s life, or that person can choose to educate themselves on how to take care of the root of the problem and totally transform their future. There are tools to help; natural tools. Regulating hormone balance is one of the keys to regulating a person’s life.


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