Understanding the Term “SEO” Marketing

When going to any of the major search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. the goal is to seek out the most relevant information relating to whatever was searched and it’s the goal of the search engines to provide that information.
If anyone is involved in any way with web development, they will have no doubt heard the term SEO. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and if someone is building commercial websites, it’s imperative to have at least a basic understanding of how it works.

Say, for example, someone is interested in buying a new car.  Every car dealership and manufacturer wants to be at the top of the list when it comes to the results a person receives from the Search Engines.  The search engine also wants to provide the most helpful results so that consumers continue to use them as their provider.   This is where SEO comes into play.  The terms used in the development of a website will determine the rank gotten from the search engine, which in turn determines where a business will show up in the search results.

Key words play an integral part in how a search engine finds a site.  Keywords are words relevant to searches, so if someone sells cars, they’ll want to have “new car” scattered throughout their site so that it will show up in a search.  Search engine optimization techniques involve properly structuring content by using keywords appropriately in the titles and the headers of HTML.  URL’s should also include keywords.

Other aspects of SEO involve having a site that is appropriately designed for the device being used to carry out the search.  If a business owner wants his/her website to show up in a Google Search when consumers search using a mobile device, their site must be mobile responsive.  Inbound links into a site raise the ranking of a business.  What does this mean?  This means that when someone links to a site from within their blog or website, that person gets a rank increase based upon their rank.  The more popular a website is, the more popular the business, which is why people post their links in blog comments.  Most of these don’t work, but people will try anyway!

Finally, a business owner wants to ensure proper use of Metatags within their HTML as this determines what Google displays in their search results. SEO is such a huge topic, but hopefully this article gives a little more understanding of it.

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