How to Choose the Most Suitable Electric Self-balancing Scooter

There is a growing interest in intelligent self-balancing scooters among modern people. However various brands and types spring up in the market which makes it hard for customers to choose the most suitable electric self-balancing scooter. This article will discuss some criterions for choosing the proper self-balancing scooter.

Firstly, the wheel hubs. Different self-balancing scooters have different types of wheel hubs. Wheel hubs determines the stability and smoothness of riding. As for the leading brand in the market Airwheel, S5 has the largest wheel hub which reaches as wide as 16 inches. Therefore, S5 has the best off-road performance and climbing-obstacle trafficability. But for those who wish to store their vehicles in car trunks, they would prefer those with smaller tires. Then Airwheel intelligent unicycles or two-wheeled scooters would satisfy such a need. They occupy less space. Intelligent scooters with smaller wheels hubs cause less disturbance to the environment. Airwheel Q-series and X-series are super-silent. 

Secondly, safety performance. Intelligent self-balancing scooters seem cool and fashionable. However, risks of falling down and collision still exist. Airwheel products have four protections, speed limit protection, low-battery protection, tilting protection and safety alarm to ensure riders’ safety. Recently, Airwheel has introduced three original designs, electronic braking system, hydraulic suspension and automatic steering sensor system into its newly-released product, A3. Therefore, A3 is rated as a most comfortable and safe product for women and the aged riders.

Thirdly, novel designs and innovative functions. Riders basically don’t understand too much inner structures or technological theories. They make choice mostly on the basis of their intuitive sense. For young riders, they could choose the fancy colors which are more trendy on the streets. Airwheel has offered many choices for its customers. The leather saddle for A3, big LED display panel, foldable control shaft for S5, or the breath lights for intelligent unicycles are all creative designs which may attract consumers. 

Airwheel always believes that what is the most suitable is the best for users. There must be one type that meets the individual taste.

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