Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooters Are Not Only the Transport Vehicles, But Also the Toys of Great Fun.

What does a transport vehicle mean to people? It’s not only the transport means, but also the speed toys. Airwheel intelligent scooters are people’s vehicles and toys that offer people great fun.

For modern citizens, transport vehicles are the symbols of speed, like what people did in “The Fast and The Furious”. But traditional vehicles like cars are providing people with the thrills that have been experienced many times. Isn’t there any new way of for fun on the streets. Airwheel bring people with X3 the electric unicycles, and the new era of intelligent riding experience is led by Airwheel.

Airwheel X3 are the most portable electric scooters in Airwheel family. The portability comes from the singe wheels and small size of Airwheel X3. But in such a small size, the Airwheel X3 demonstrates the great strength that amazes people. On any road conditions including mud roads and roads in rain, Airwheel X3 also run smoothly because of the strong motor and battery with a large electricity capacity. Also the water proof features of Airwheel X3 make it possible to ride Airwheel X3 in the drizzle. The great portability of Airwheel X3 makes it possible to carry Airwheel X3 unicycles everywhere—on the metro, the buses and even in the private cars. So the great fun from Airwheel X3 is everywhere people go. 

What fun will Airwheel X3 bring to people? Airwheel X3 brings people the great “laziness” that people never have. There is a video cut in which the dad riding an Airwheel X3 intelligent scooters was pushing the baby carriage, and the enjoyable expressions of the dad told people that a great method for “laziness” was created. Also Airwheel takes people everywhere they want. Also in a short video cut, a stylish man rode Airwheel X3 on the beautiful mountain roads. Right after him his pet dog was running happily. And after they reached the top of the mountain, they played some games on the flat grass land on that lawn.

What’s more that Airwheel X3 can bring to people? There are a lot more to be discovered by people. Choose Airwheel X3, choose the intelligent vehicles of the new era.

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