Haudongchun, a feminine cleanser-specializing firm, attend Las Vegas Aesthetic Fair

Haudongchun attended Las Vegas Aesthetic Fair in order to look for a global business partner.

Haudongchun revealed that they attended the 13th Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2015 from July 12th to 14th this year.

This fair is an event for B2B companies who can contact the latest trend of the extensive aesthetic fields such as cosmetics, care, hair, and spa. It is called a place for the beauty business because the best buyers from all around the world including Canada, India, Brazil, and Mexico are visiting.

The booth for Haudongchun feminine cleanser jilgyungyi was arranged in the Professional Beauty Pavilion in building B, which accounts for more than a half of the entire exhibition area.

Haudongchun which was recognized with the global patent for “medicine composite for preventing and treating 질이완증 and colpoxerosis” and “composite for preventing and treating the vaginitis” including US FDA registration attracted buyers’ attention through this fair.

Wonseok Choi, a representative of Haudongchun, revealed “We plan to secure the overseas distribution network and build the network with this fair as a momentum, through which we can inform the jilgyungyi’s superiority” and “I expect it to be a foothold for jilgyungyi which stands for the domestic feminine cleanser market to advance the global market.”

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