New Musical Project Preserves Medicine Songs of Endangered Cultures

For the past 4 years Yuin Huz has worked in Peru, exploring the unique musical talents of some of the world’s most ancient peoples and traditions. He has collaborated with many of the most important musicians of the region as well as visiting musical artists who share his passion for sacred and healing songs. Yuin is now ready to share these historic and beautiful musical traditions with the rest of the world through a new compilation album entitled Sacred Valley Sounds, and is currently working to establish a professional recording studio in Peru.

Yuin Huz has established himself as an authority of and champion for many of the musical styles found in the remote regions of the Amazon, Andes and the Americas. He has delved into numerous styles of music from shamanic healing songs to folk, hip hop and electronica. During the course of his storied career, Yuin has produced ten albums, which have introduced music lovers from around the world to the songs of many endangered cultures.

Having lived in the Sacred Valley, Peru for some time, Yuin has a profound relationship with the people, their history and the land, which is why he would like to build his recording studio there. Not only will this allow regional musicians to easily record their music for posterity, but it will also serve as a symbol of progress and an important resource for budding musicians.

The cost of the studio is $20,000 and Yuin has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds which will go towards building construction, acoustic design, soundproofing, recording equipment and production of Sacred Valley Sounds. In return for your generous financial support of this important project, you can receive valuable perks like digital downloads, CDs, Andean bracelets, Andean belts, Incan Paintings, Sacred Seed Necklaces, Andean Grand Condor Necklaces, Andean Scarves, Alpaca Ponchos, Antique Wraps, or up to 100 hours of recording studio time.

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