Airwheel Self-balancing electric scooter with no handles: Youth Is Not About Age

Many people would say electric scooter riding is only for the young. Actually, that is so not true. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, youth is not an age thing; it’s a quality. No matter how old someone is, he always stays young as long as he lives a youngish life.

Many people would think old people should sit in the house and just do some reading for the day. As a matter of fact, it is a stereotype. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, youth is not an age thing; it’s a quality. Only if one believes he is old, he is old indeed. On the contrast, if he holds the attitude of being young, he will always look young. For old people, they are also able to do what the young do. So it is with electric scooter riding.

Featuring fashion and youth, Airwheel self-balancing scooter comes into the public’s view as a stylish transport. This new generation of transport, which differs from traditional vehicles, is controlled via body movements. Riders have to put their feet on the board and keep changing their body gravity center so as to control the direction. If they are flexible enough, they could even do some stunts like the young do.

However, the key is not about riding this advanced vehicle but the spirit that they show to others which will absolutely add more splendors to them. to enhance the safety of riders, Airwheel has installed a built-in intelligent chip within the vehicle, which can provide all kinds of protection for riders, like speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. In spite of that, for new learners of the single-wheeled scooter, it is highly suggested that they should put on some protective garments such as helmets, kneecaps and bracers. When they become adept at the activity, they are free to take them off. 

With such a vehicle, old people can have a free ride on the road instead of taking a walk in the park only. They can experience what it is like to be young and have the stream of vitality flow through their body again. After all, youth is not about age.

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