Andrew T. Austin makes creative addition to its ‘metaphors of movement’ through \”The Historia Illius Itineris\”

Metaphors of movement is a high end knowledge-teaching project that has been taught successfully across the world,  including India, United Kingdom, USA, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Israel and Japan. A number of doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, psychotherapists, trainers, hypnotherapists, prison and probation officers and many more people have benefited from this project and had a life changing experience.

The ‘Metaphors of movement’ gave birth to an additional creative project named “The Historia Illius Itineris”  which can be explained with simple idioms like ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘backward’ that signify a totally different way of approaching the ways of communication. Austin in one of his videos explains the phenomenon simply by telling that ‘behind left’ metaphorically denotes what’s ‘left behind’, ‘left’ is the past what a person has already left, what’s right behind is what a person has already done similarly ‘right’ is what’s right for us, left in front direction is what’s overlooked and right in front direction what we have and straight in forward direction is what a person’s aspirations are.

This simple idea led to a series of observations mainly the realization that significant portions of communication remained unexplored by contemporary methods and commonly appeared to be invisible to both communicator and recipient. This communication was soon proven to be entirely idiomatic in nature. Research and observations later on suggested that the idiomatic way of communication consist of a large amount of data encoded within it which gave rise to the exploration in the fields of linguistics and therapy that ultimately came to known as “Metaphors of Movement.”

This idea has already helped number of people to learn and uncover their own metaphors and engage them at a physiological and neurological level that’ll ultimately help in overcoming stuck states and create effective ‘movement’ towards the personal goals. The Metaphors of Movement is an approach which rather than focusing on the outcome or goal encourages the participant to face the reality of where they stand right now in their life.

The life changing movement “The Historia Illius Itineris” will consist of three degree program, the first degree will be the ‘The Grand Orientation’ in which the candidate will learn about his standing and position in the universe. The second degree or ‘The Grand Exploration’ will allow the candidate to explore opportunities to improve his standing and position in the universe in the 3rd degree or ‘The Grand Construction’ the candidate will learn and begin to construct something bigger than him.

The program can be attended by selected participants only and those who wish to be a part of this movement or ‘club’ to seek knowledge and raise a whole new level of consciousness can visit the official website. Austin said that this project is created to provide a creative platform for trainees in the metaphors of movement program. The first lodge will be formed in Brighton, and then in India, London, Stockholm and Tokyo.

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