After recovery from spinal cord injury disabled man now aims to help others suffering from the same

Charles Fleisher suffered a serious spinal cord injury at the age of 18, and after a long rehabilitation process he has been able to thrive and prosper. He is now in the process of sharing what he’s learned with people dealing with similar injuries.

On a cold night in October 1988, Fleisher was a passenger rocketing down the Highway at high speeds in a Nissan 300ZX Turbo. They thought it was thrilling but they were wrong. Inevitably they were pursued by the police. After a brief chase where the Nissan exceeded 125 miles an hour, the driver tried to exit the Highway still going nearly 70 miles an hour. But instead of exiting, the car jumped a curb, it hit a tree, flipped over and ejected Fleisher wildly through the air over 100 feet. The accident instantly transformed a casual fun night into a nightmare which changed Fleisher’s life forever. Charles slammed into the ground resulting in major injuries to his neck and spinal cord. After thriving despite living with a spinal cord injury for 25 years, Fleisher continues to fight and use his experience to help and influence the lives of thousands others.

“It’s time for me to share this experience and guide as many of them as possible through this challenging time in their lives,” he said. Keeping this aim in mind he has started a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo to guide thousands of others who have been through similar traumatic incidences.

This summer, on behalf of Beyond Wheels a nonprofit to promote sports, recreation and employment for people with disabilities, he’ll be speaking to a minimum of SCI rehab hospitals, events and youth organizations. On the tour, he’ll be visiting and presenting at a number of hospitals and locations throughout the US.

He’ll be driving a truck adapted by Ryno Mobility and DriveMaster Corp. and pulling a 20 foot trailer converted for wheelchair access travel. He has also launched a YouTube channel video to describe the campaign and urged the people to share it on facebook, twitter other social media.

This initiative by Charles and Beyond Wheels will help people going through devastating injuries. It will show them a direction that will provide hope and demonstrate how their lives can be prosperous and beautiful despite serious injuries. It will show them how they may still be able to drive cross-country, skydive from 6000 feet, ski Lake Tahoe or go rafting in the Rocky Mountains.

This tour will provide them with a vision for a positive future and help get through the recovery phase. The money raised from the campaign will cover the expenses for the trip, transportation support, promotion, also the inspirational materials and tools for audience members that’ll help them in improving their learning curve and dealing with the challenges related to their injuries.

Tour Cities and Dates:

July 23, 2015: West Orange, New Jersey

August 6, 2015: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 16, 2015: Detroit, Michigan

August 17, 2015: Cleveland, Ohio

August 19, 2015: Ann Arbor, Michigan

August 20, 2015: Chicago, Illinois

August 21, 2015: Kansas City, Missouri

Media Contact
Company Name: Beyond Wheels Incorporated
Contact Person: Charles Fleisher
Phone: 732-895-2610
Country: United States