This ultra-modern electric film and glass can transform the complete appearance of a building

Responsiveglass, a sub division of the Option Quest LLC are one of the most trusted and popular manufacturers of electric film and glass that has the ability to transform the appearance and enhance utility of a household or commercial building. 

The company offers switchable electric film and glass which can be used for a variety of purposes. The ‘Smart Film’ also known as the PDLC film is made of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules which makes its light scattering power adjustable by applying an electric field.

The digital polymer film can make any existing glass ‘smart’ by converting it into wirelessly switchable glass making it best suited for airports, skylines, party halls, conference rooms etc.

The polymer film also helps in reducing outside noise, UV rays while being completely translucent in both ON and OFF states. The luxurious looking film also helps in reducing temperature transmission on hot summer days and due to its thickness it is completely blast proof and all that with 80% visual transparency.

The Smart LC glass, Magic Glass, or switchable glass, also called smart windows or switchable windows, is a high-tech product that can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off, and these light transmission properties can be changed when voltage is applied. This laminated glass is best suited for bathrooms and other environment with extreme moisture content, offices, conference rooms, interrogation rooms, party halls etc.

The company believes that a pleasant looking building of a business owner or property manager affects the neighborhood positively as well as enhances their business prospects. Moreover, a nice looking building in a residential area changes the way locals feel about living there and this positive dynamic ultimately impacts the entire community. An amazing looking building in an area enhances the real estate prices, creates pride in the residents living in that area and makes it a great hang out place as well.

The company has been trusted since many years for its polymer technologies, perimeter protection and security and now introducing easily installable products with a diverse scope of applications, on

The remarkable technology by this company has the ability to change the face of marketing products and services completely with the possibility of using responsive glass product as a huge projector screen to play a movie the size of a building, for displaying advertisements, company information and much more. This is certainly more effective and eye-catching to the audience, ultimately affecting the business positively and that too in much lesser than the cost involved in buying a projector screen similar to the size of the building glass.

With the electric film, all that a user needs is to flick a remote control switch to turn the transparent building glass into a projector screen and once done, simply switch to turn it back into transparent glass again.

The products offered by the company, made in high class facilities are multipurpose and have the potential to provide much more output or benefit as compared to the input cost involved. 

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