AnyFlip Emphasizes Flipbook Creator’s Worth Underlining Multimedia for Retail Marketers

The software can create rich media content which delivers information in an interesting format.

At this time when most digital publishing services providers are busy spreading the word about their work and features of their digital publishers, one company looks creatively occupied in marketing oriented studies and in revealing strange facts in that respect.

Based upon a distinct study which focused on the usages of flipbook software and applicability of multimedia in market, Hong Kong based company and the originator of flipbook creator – AnyFlip Software Co. Ltd, found that multimedia is being overexploited at this time and this would take away the delight of reading from plain eBook readers.

Facts emerging from this study were shared by the company’s Knowledge Centre representative. She says, “While it is true that multimedia is pivotal in adding enthrallment to business brochures, catalogs, fliers, etc and in drawing the consumer’s attention towards significant facets, too much of it could spoil the purpose as well. Multimedia is better considered critical but not mandatory to the extent of overuse.”

She points out, “eBook readers, for instance, are least benefitted given to read a book with multimedia effects. We on one hand may take pride in the sophisticated features of our flipbook creator, but on the other, must be sensitized enough that too much of it is a burden to someone who is happy with the .pdf version. An excess here can beat the purpose of such readers.”

Company’s Marketing Manager says, “AnyFlip’s flipbook creator has turned in as a boon for retail marketers. By optimally tapping the attributes of this novel software, they can reap double advantages with half the efforts. Flipbook creator’s delivery purview extends to numerous channels and devices. Marketers can create influential product campaigns using this software and can generate a world class ecommerce enabled experience for their clients. Software’s user-friendliness is yet another factor to count on.”

More information about the flipbook creator can be found here.

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