Offers Free EMV Chip Credit Card Terminal and Compares Merchant Services with Square Reader

Not all credit card processing companies are created equal. With Square Reader, they have no sales reps. They offer the same high rate to all their merchant services customers. Let us tailor a rate of 1.25% for credit/check cards and 1.65% for regular Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Lower your American Express to 1.99%.

DALLAS, TX – Merchant Resources compares its credit card merchant services to those of Square Reader, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, Chase Merchant Services and Costco Merchant Services.

After Merchant Resources called the 1-800 listed on each of these merchant providers,  a variety of differences and costs of these credit card merchant services were discovered. The compilation is below:

Merchant Resources offers the following: *** BEST OFFER ***

• 1.25% for debit/credit card with no pin

• 1.65% for base Visa and MasterCard, Discover

• No Monthly Fees

• FREE Chip Card Terminal, Swiper for your cellular phone, or POS for restaurant

Merchant Resources offers custom quotes to fit your particular business.

To receive a free no-obligation quote, visit or call 1-888-895-3129.

Square Reader

• Base Retail Visa/MC rate of 2.75%

• Key Entered Rate of 3.5%

Security threats with Square Reader. Within 10 minutes, virtually anyone with a screw driver, super glue and a little knowledge can make the square reader into a skimming swiper. “Beware.”

The square reader is a good solution for merchants that are seasonal, since “SquareUp” does not have any monthly fees. However, for any merchant who is consistently over $100 in Visa/MasterCard volume per month, there are better options.

Wells Fargo

• Base Retail Visa/MC rate @ 2.2% and 25 cents

• Mid qualified rate @ 3.1% and 25 cents

• Non qualified rate of 4.35% and 25 cents

• Lease of terminal for $35 for 48 months or purchase terminal for $699 (FD130 terminal)

• $75 yearly fee

• $95 Setup fee


• Base Retail Visa/MC rate of 1.38% and 19 cents

• Rewards Cards Visa/MC rate of 1.99% and 19 cents

• Business Cards Visa/MC rate of 2.65% and 29 cents

• Foreign and Government Cards Visa/MC 3.55% and 29 cents

• Lease of terminal for $30 a month for 2 years or purchase terminal for $489

• Need to be an executive Costco member, so you need to pay $110 a year

Chase Paymentech

• Base Retail Visa/MC rate of 1.99% and 25 cents

• Mid qualified rate of 2.68% and 25 cents

• Non qualified rate of 3.76% and 25 cents

• $100 fee to get setup

• $25 monthly minimum

• Monthly fee of $9.95

• Free terminal with a 2 year contract

At the end of the day, you want to select a company that supports your business. You want a company that picks up the phone when you call.  You don’t want to be transferred 5 times and wait 45 minutes to talk to someone.

This will not be the case with Merchant Services. You will be treated with respect.

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