Simply Wallpaper company offers savings to customers online

Simply Wallpaper have recently launched a new online wallpaper service offering wallpaper to online at discount prices

At the moment the wallpaper market is seeing a huge boom with sales shown to be rising at an unprecedented rate. It’s no secret in the interior design industry that design trends often turn full circle and this is certainly the case for many styles of wallpaper at the moment and many companies such as Simply Wallpaper are cashing in on this trend.

The use of wallpaper was at its greatest strength in interior design circles back in the 90s, especially towards the latter end of the decade. Soon after though, it’s sales began to decline in favour of new colours of paint such as ‘duck egg blue’ that began to gain popularity among designers. Now though this trend seems to be reversing but wallpaper seems to be in a slightly different way than it was previously, rather than being used to decorate and style an entire room, interior designers are increasingly using a pain and wallpaper combination with just one wall bearing the wallpaper rather than all four of them.

We spoke to the owner of Simply Wallpaper, a new exclusively online wallpaper store that offers wall decorations ranging from modern brick wallpapers to some of the more floral wallpapers that we all recognise. They mentioned that their sales figures are on the increase and because they operate exclusively online they are able to pass their savings on overheads on to their customers.

So what does the future hold for wallpapers and it’s manufacturers? Well sales numbers are set to continue to grow as new technology continues to innovate the industry and a greater choice of designs can be seen by customers without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. New and innovate companies like Simply Wallpaper look set to capitalize on this trend.

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