Enter for A Chance to Win: EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank

EasyAcc here has a giveaway to commemorate its 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh power bank released this August. To win it, visitors must complete a few simple tasks and a random will be chosen on 21st, August, 2015.

As is known to all, power banks have brought much convenience for people when our phone needs charging. Everyone can refuse to be bounded by wall chargers if owning power banks, especially when you need to go outdoors but our phone shows “low battery”. Thus good news today is that EasyAcc launches a new round of activity and there will be a 10000mah power bank offered by them as giveaway this time.

With smart technology, the 10000CF will bring you more ease when charging. It can automatically identify the type of device and output the perfect electric current for your device. So the charging performance of our power bank is just perfect like the original power adapter.

And this activity can help those who never used their power bank to know the answer to What about EasyAcc power banks. Just come and win a giveaway! Using one for free is better than wandering around the amazon. You will know it fairly well by experiencing.

Now, let’s know some specification about the activity:

  1. Time:  August 13, 2015 – August 16, 2015
  2. Tasks:  5 different but easy tasks featuring different scores.



Must do?

Leaving a Blog Post Comment


Following @EasyAccOfficial on Twitter


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Please pay attention to the three tasks you must finish if you want to get the giveaway. And glad to tell you in advance that “Leaving a Blog Post Comment” is quite easy, you just need to say something about “What a power bank means to you? Why would you buy it? And what capacity would you prefer to?”

More tasks finished, then more scores got, then more possibilities to win. And to be fair, everyday each participator can do each task for only once, no cheating can bother you! Wish you good luck! Come on! Start form there: http://www.easyacc.com/blog/?p=1837

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