BSEEN LED Pack Development Plans Crowd-funding Campaign

17 AUGUST, 2015 – Ming D&Y Inc is pleased to announce the launch of its Indiegogo funding campaign for its LED waist pack. The LED pack is the latest concept from Ming D&Y Inc., a California-based company that is actively involved in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing LED lighted safety sporting goods. The firm has already designed, produced and marketed LED slap armbands, LED sporting belts and many other lighted products.

The waist pack offered by BSEEN is a clever product which is intended to promote safety of runners at times of low light or low visibility. As an additional benefit, the LED pack holds a charger for mobile devices in use while on the move.  Trident Design and Ming D&Y collaborated on the campaign launch at Indiegogo.

The emphasis of Ming D&Y Inc, a California firm, is to develop, manufacture and market safety products featuring LED lighting. The product line includes LED slap arm bands, belts and other lighted items. Manufacturing is done in-house, which assures customers that quality controls are in place for every item. It also promotes a faster response time for the products. The emphasis of Trident Design is to assist with marketing products and to help develop campaign content materials.

A Ming D&Y spokesperson explained the reasoning behind the crowd-funding campaign, “We wanted to be able to bring our quality products to the marketplace more quickly. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to reduce the time between concept and market. Crowd-funding monies will allow us to speed the development time, as well as to produce our inventory items in larger quantities. More items in the marketplace means faster growth for our company and our product line.”

The latest product in BSEEN inventory, the LED pack, has been under development for over 11 months. The slap bands which was offered to the public previously are popular with runners and other sporting enthusiasts. The company plans to use input from those participating in crowd-funding to further refine and enhance elements in the product line.

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