The Quidditch World Cup in Real World with Airwheel electric scooter for adults

Airwheel scooter is not only a transportation tool but also a mean of entertainment. There are many students who are very innovative. They figured out how people can use the scooter to play Quidditch.

Most of people surely watched the movie of Harry porter. There is one plot in the movie that describes a kind of activity named Quidditch, in which some players ride on the magic brooms and chase the little Quidditch ball in competition. It is very exciting and fierce. The broom flew like rockets and the riders play swiftly. Many people must imagine that one day they can play the Quidditch in the real world.

Now some people made it possible. In some universities in Europe, many students organize the Quidditch team in their college. They have already made the competition launched. Is it possible? Sure it is. But the riders do not fly round on the broom but ride on the electric scooter. Is it really exciting and thrilling? Yes, it definitely is. But how can the scooter be used to play Quidditch? Can the scooter be so versatile?

People need not worry about the validity of the scooter Quidditch. Airwheel scooter can be called the aggregation of various edge-cutting hi-technologies. Such an amazing scooter can be used to perform something unique and special. What is more, the scooter is made of light but solid material—the Polymer Nano Material. This kind of material is of good tenacity and lightness in weight. It is very wear-resisting and not easy to be deformed. During the competitive sports like the Quidditch, the light weight and high-strength material can easily ensure that the scooter would not break during the collision or crash. Besides, the inner part of the scooter is also very excellent. The inner core battery is imported SONY battery with the original packaging. The capacity and range of the battery is very excellent. What is more, the Airwheel self-balancing scooter can hold the load of 120kg. The max speed of the electric self-balancing scooter can reach 18km/h. All of these provide better travelling experience for the rider. All these designs are well-suited for the activities mentioned above. People would not worry about that during the competition there would be power off for their scooter. 

Many people are still working on more fun games about the scooter. There must be much more amazing things.

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