The Newest Way of Promotion with Airwheel Intelligent 2 wheel self balancing scooter

Nowadays, how can people launch the company promotion more efficiently and more eye-catching?The answer is not advertisement nor promotion board outdoor. There came one innovative way of promotion.

When people are walking on the street, there are bunch of advertisement around them. From neon lights to the super-large poster, the type and size of the advertisement varies dramatically and rapidly. However, the ads are too overloaded for the customers to accept and to distinguish. One day someone saw that there came a line of scooters on which the rider wears the cloth of certain brand. What is more the scooter is also painted with union color of the brand and the logo of the brand. What attracts most of the people is not only the brand itself but also the way the brand is promoted.

Different from other promotion tactics, people are more interested in this promotion. Both the scooter and the brand can be promoted at the same time. Using scooter for promotion is very cool in nowadays marketing tactics. Riders wearing uniform standing on the electric scooter can easily make the visual impact. And people would definitely look for more times. 

Why the scooter would be used as the promotion tools? That is because all the features the scooter has can be really practical. Cause that the promotion tool need to be attractive, the Airwheel scooter is equipped with HI-FI stereo system which can play the music and advertisement slogan loudly. People would be overwhelmingly attracted by the music and pay attention to what is going on. What is more, something shining brightly and according to some beat can be really attractive. That is also what Airwheel can do. The self-balancing scooter is decorated with dazzling flash lights, brake lights and turn lights, the whole scooter can shine like dazzling star. Very intelligent, the scooter also can adjust the atmosphere light with the beat of music. It seems that the scooter is designed for the promotion activities.

With the development of modern science and technology, there can be more innovative ways to utilize the electric self-balancing scooter, and the use of the scooter can even benefit both Airwheel and the product promoted. That is what we called the victory of win-win tactics.

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