‘GrowBot’ raises more than $15,000 within a week, aims for $75k

GrowBot is a newly launched and specially designed ‘garden robot’ which can help grow fresh organic food right in the backyard of a house. The product is backed by a number of supporters and raised more than $10,000 in the campaign that has been started almost a week ago, on Indiegogo.

GrowBot saves the hassle of digging up into the garden or backyard to grow organic foods and by using Plant Recognition Technology and artificial intelligence it also helps to grow vegetables and fruits more efficiently.

It just needs to be placed in the sun to set up and uses 95% less water than a conventional garden. Since it is compatible with I-phone and Android, GrowBot can also inform about when to plant, when to pick, and what it needs help with.

It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to help the user keep all the information about their garden without spending hours outside in scorching sun. The Soil less technology doesn’t require any digging and helps maintain the beauty of garden as well as avoid weeding.

GrowBot is a highly innovative and remarkable product which has the ability to change the way people eat. “With people becoming more health conscious and prices of grocery rising continuously, this product could bring a revolution as it comes in a affordable price which can be easily recovered with the money saved on buying organic food from the market,” said James Brake, the creator of this product.

The idea struck in his mind when he suffered from health issues due to bad eating habits after which he decided to eat organic food grown in the backyard of his house itself. He said it completely changed his life which led him to find better methods to grow organic food at home. By using his vast programming knowledge, he went on to create this amazing product which promises to make the process of growing organic food at home much simpler and easier.

The installation of the product can be done in few simple steps; first it needs to be attached with the water supply then the seeds are placed in the growing medium provided with it and in the last step the plant food needs to be added.

A variety of perks and rewards are being provided in the fund raising campaign including a chance to get free GrowBot by referring friends and family.

Media Contact
Company Name: GrowBot
Contact Person: James Brake
Email: james@mygrowbot.com
Phone: 415 407 8118
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/growbot-your-garden-robot#/story