Harvard business study on substance abuse finds that 33% of all addiction related issues, fall under the strongholds of “Anxiety”

Some have found that Drug Addiction tenderly stems from these common anxious pressures.
It’s safe to say in today’s ever evolving society that anxiety is prevalent. This anxiety that our communities experience, daily, mainly, is attributed to success driven measures of over achieving business models, and ultimately the pressures of day to day living in an extremely fast learning system.

Some have found that Drug Addiction tenderly stems from these common anxious pressures. Is it a true statement that national premises fully relies on what is deemed “damaging” to oneself may in turn be damaging to the entire sociological realm? Students found that many believe drug addiction only affects the personal character as opposed to the entire morale of the community around them. However polls and fact finding study groups within the Harvard university find that community morale is deeply and rightfully affected by the singular, personal use of mind altering substances such as prescription meds, street drugs and even alcohol.

Each one of the 13 topics discussed on Anxiety pointed back to feelings of depression, lost hope, failure and desires to be somewhere else. Substances that are designed to replace these feelings with temporary numbness, and succeed the natural dopamine that the mind synergistically produced with synthetic adrenaline. The study concluded that once the brain recognizes that stimulation has stopped and habitually can not produce dopamine it searches for other methodologies to do so, hence forcing the vessel to “hunt” for more i.e.: drugs and alcohol become the easy replacement.

When the public was asked if they had bouts of anxiety in the last day or so a staggering 95% succumbed to the fact that indeed they did. Out of these 150 people 50% were under 25 years old and another 42% were under 30 years of age. Polls, determined that higher anxiety levels existed, within the claimed youthful of society in general.  In conclusion it is safe to note that if the principle of replacement in regards to anxiety does not revolve around healthy choices such as physical, mental and personal stimulation such as exercise, hobbies and education the morale of  society in a nutshell will continue to see a deeper decadence and potentially affect the next generations to come. Research shows that stateside spending is up 789% from just last year in regards to mental health and treatment center costs not including clinics and workshops, another side note treatment patient recidivism rate is up a staggering 300% from last year which means that 1 out of every 3 patients return back to drugs and eventually treatment again. The CDC prison statistics show that 9 out of 10 inmates has been incarcerated for some type of crime that relates back to drug and or alcohol abuse. Communal success could eventually fully rely on personal decisions to treat anxiety awareness head on, according to statistics this should in turn trident for subject of change, and potentially allow government spending to be focused on where it has a lasting opportunity for investment.

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