Selecting an Experienced Attorney for Criminal Defense

When life is interrupted by criminal charges against family, someone in the client’s circle of close friends, or even the client, it can be difficult to know what to expect. After all, the client may feel that their way of life and way of making a living are under threat, and there could be the overhanging fear of being branded by a verdict that is unjust or unfair.

Our criminal defense system maintains that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but media coverage, social tensions and impacts to business relationships can make it feel like it’s just the opposite.  Criminal charges against a person can represent some of the most significant stress and upheaval a body can experience, and can even have an effect on a person’s health.

If someone is a defendant in a criminal case, for example, on a DUI charge, they need to know what their options are as quickly as possible.  In order to minimize the disruption and stress someone will experience and plan for the defense, and ultimately a bright future, timely and accurate information is crucial.  The client should select an attorney who is experienced not only in the type of charge they face, but also in the court system they are involved with.  Charges of domestic violence, drug charges, and probation violation cases may be specialties of different attorneys in the client’s area.  Their situation may involve multiple types of charges, and it’s a rare and golden opportunity to find an attorney who has a long and successful track record in domestic violence, drug, sex crimes, theft and other felony and misdemeanor charges.  

Selecting a specialist should involve a consultation, which is covered by the typical attorney-client privilege.  The client and their prospective attorney will discuss the charges against them and any specific concerns that they might have.  The client’s attorney should offer them a resume that highlights his/her experience in both their area of concern and in the court system in which they are charged.  The client should have a strong rapport with their attorney, and be able to communicate clearly both their expectations and the facts surrounding the case.

When considering defense, remember that the attorney is an expert in law that applies to the client’s specific case, and in the scenarios that one can consider for defense.  While it may seem that the evidence alone will exonerate the client of the charges against them, the prosecution will be dedicated to proving their guilt.  The attorney representing the client is the most critical part of the plan for exoneration, so select representative wisely.


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