LOS ANGELES, CA – August 17, 2015 – Murdercap Records CEO Jerome “SlikkForDays” Almon has released video of a stunning K-9 police unit take down near Atlanta, Georgia Almon was in Atlanta wrapping production of the highly controversial hit song “Take Her On The Elevator,” and ironically the follow up track “KKKilla KKKop”

The song “KKKilla KKKop” is about a police officer that goes on a rampage against the BlackLivesMatter protestors. 

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According to Murdercap Records spokesman Nabeela Khan, Mr. Almon was visiting relatives in nearby Carrollton for the first time in 25 years, when he was chased down by a K-9 unit and a dozen police cars while walking in broad day light. Ms. Khan states that the officers immediately threatened to unleash their K-9 to attack the rap impresario, and at some point during the confrontation decided to use lethal force.

Medical records from the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach indicate that Mr. Almon was bleeding heavily internally due to a parachute accident, and would not have survived the K-9 attack nor Glock barrage. Almon cites his recognition of the intentions of the officers and deciding on becoming a “professional suspect” as the only reasons that he is not the latest poster child of BlackLivesMatter movement.

Documents from Canada (51 Division/Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the country’s spy agency (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), the Canada Border Services Agency, Detroit (Major Crimes), Germany (Bundespolizei), the UK (Scotland Yard), Iowa police, and Las Vegas police (the Wynn/Encore) indicate the Murdercap Records chief has been stopped and investigated over 1,000 times by police. Court documents indicate that the FBI and Department of Justice have led joint efforts with foreign governments to have the label and its songs banned overseas. This effort led to the most infamous legal fight in history of music.

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The legal clash eventually stretched all the way to the European Union, with the White House and Canada’s Prime Minister brokering a deal which Almon has repeatedly rejected. According to Fox News, that case caused a chain reaction of major controversies concerning imprisoned Motown “Hip Hop” Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and a German sex scandal involving rapper 50 Cent. In rejecting the deal Mr. Almon accurately predicted the emergence of the epidemic of “blue on black” shootings dominating the American social landscape.

The video of the Carrollton, Georgia incident brings into question the integrity of the audio in another police shooting in the city weeks earlier Almon is demanding that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed call for a Georgia Bureau of Investigation of the incident.

Almon is preparing to address the issue in a manner geometrically larger than the Canada case and current protests engulfing the nation. Mr. Almon’s strategy centers around “bringing the world and ghetto to Atlanta” while demonstrating the unexpected.

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According to Ms. Khan, the most recent Detroit stop of Mr. Almon was initiated after police reached the conclusion the rap CEO was involved in prostitution and drug dealing due to who he was traveling with. Police searched the car and all personnel to discover that the “prostitute” was actually a Norwegian stewardess after reviewing her passport and Scandinavian Airlines badge. Ms. Khan notes no drugs were in found in the car nor on any of its occupants. Mr. Almon cites this stop and the Georgia stop as the prime examples of the elements that have led to police involved tragedies from Ferguson to Baltimore.

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