‘Alter Ur Ego’, the new fashionable and functional clothing for people on wheelchair

Those who have ever tried putting their pants on while sitting without moving their legs know the pain of it but the people in wheelchairs have to go through this hassle every day. Keeping the same in mind, this new clothing line named ‘Alter Ur Ego’ has created adaptable blue jeans for both men and women, especially designed considering the needs and comfort of people in wheelchairs. This jean is made for the people in wheelchairs who do not want to compromise their looks and style while feeling comfortable in their clothing.

Heidi McKenzie the women behind the brand, had a traumatic experience with life herself when she was met with a car accident in 2007 which left her ‘T4 paraplegic’. She was paralyzed from chest down but it didn’t break her spirits and desire to look good even while in a wheelchair.

She told that she was not willing to get into the adaptable pants that look like ‘granny pants’ and give up on her favorite kind of clothes but wanted to still follow the same fashion she used to earlier which ultimately led her to come up with this useful idea of developing a ‘multi-functional jeans’ to help people facing the similar situation. A friend in a wheelchair who also shares the same struggles commented, I have to overcome obstacles everyday and it would be nice for my clothes to not be one.

To create these jeans she has worked with a seasoned designer in North Carolina, Kristin Alexandra Tidwell to create the perfect pair of comfortable, functional and fashionable blue jeans. The innovative jeans includes pockets in the front which are easily accessible, a high-waist back to a special waistband for sitting comfortably all day, a tummy control panel, straps for ease of dressing, an invisible catheter opening and customized length options.

She also tested the prototypes with her friends in wheelchairs and all of them have given positive reviews about the product. Once this product is successfully launched and adopted by people, she’s planning to expand it to an entire line of clothing as well to give differently-able people more independence and to achieve this goal of hers she has started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The initial funding will help her first production run and distribute the product to a wider range online. A variety of perks are available for the backers.

Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/1ODBYlN


Media Contact
Company Name: Alter UR Ego
Contact Person: Heidi McKenzie
Email: mckenzieheidi5@gmail.com
Phone: 606-207-9039
Country: United States
Website: www.alterurego.co/