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A great dealer education program will start by introducing the individual interested to the basics of casino dealing, regardless of the game.
When interested in becoming a dealer, the personality it takes is already within the interested party. They’re probably even experienced in a few games, like poker or blackjack, but the casinos are looking for more than that when they hire dealers who are responsible for tables on the floor.

A great dealer education program will start by introducing the individual interested to the basics of casino dealing, regardless of the game.  For instance, every casino needs its dealers to know the best way to handle chips, including quickly identifying the value of the chips on the table.  Reading the total value of a bet quickly and efficiently, with no errors, is a skill that casinos are looking for in dealers.  Understanding who is working in the “pit” or on the casino floor is critical to knowing the hierarchy in a casino.  In such a high-security environment, where a dealer can be responsible for a great deal of money and transactions of significant value, knowing who is who and what resources are at your disposal can mean the difference between a successful night for the house and a difficult situation.  Counting card values and accounting for chips quickly and accurately is the key to successful dealing, and a great dealer program will emphasize this from beginning to end.

Learning the traditional games like poker and blackjack is a baseline expectation of a casino, and a great casino dealer training program will make sure students have this required foundation.  Variations and components to these games, like side-bets and insurance, will also be taught so that the dealer has a firm grasp on the rules. Communicating clearly with the table, so that expectations are set, is important, and understanding how to convey the game and table rules to the customers is an important aspect to becoming a great dealer.

When selecting a dealer training program or casino college, look for the fundamentals discussed above. A classroom training program will give the start needed to secure a job at a casino.  The student is going to need to practice, and the casino college should offer ample opportunity to give the student’s skills a dress-rehearsal.  These practice runs should not cost anything over and above regular tuition.  Also, consider the placement successes the schools have had.  Partnerships with area and national casinos makes each certificate more valuable and the time is better spent on a training program for a job as a casino dealer.


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