Media Strategist Lisa Williams Announces Upcoming Multi-Author Book Focused on Women’s Health and Wellness

Media strategist Lisa Williams recently announced that she will author and publish a collaborative book that focuses on women’s health and wellness. Williams will publish the book through her company Authority Book Consulting, LP, along with Dr. Glenda Clare. The book will feature advice from many wellness professionals who will identify and discuss the challenges that women face, and will offer advice and solutions on how to overcome those challenges in order to live their lives to the fullest.

Media authority specialist Lisa Williams has just announced an upcoming multi-author interview book that will be published in September 2015. The book is titled Top Professionals Give Expert Advice On Womens Health And Wellness: How To Live Your Best Life, No Matter What Age or Stage Youre In, and it will be authored by Williams herself along with her lead co-author, Dr. Glenda Clare. Williams will publish the book through her company Authority Book Consulting, LP. For Williams, this book is an important addition to the many books she has helped to market. In a recent interview, Williams said, “I am a single mother of two, and I desire to live the best life that I can as a woman and a mother. This topic is important for me and for all women; it is important for us to have a book that we can identify with, and also serve as a resource that provides professionals and the larger community the tools to help us live the quality of life we desire.”

The book will feature advice from ten to fifteen professional women, including Williams, who have important things to say and resources to share to help women of all ages. Multi-author books are becoming very popular because they present a variety of expert information to the reader, while allowing the professionals to get their work in front of a targeted audience in their chosen fields. Williams has established herself as an expert in the field of authority marketing, and she described her goal with this book by saying, “My mission is to not only give women the resources to enhance the quality of their lives, but also to help healthcare professionals stand out as authorities and experts in their respective industries.”

The ten to fifteen contributors to the book will include: health coaches, holistic professionals, and healthcare experts who specialize in topics related to women’s health and wellbeing. Williams will interview each contributor and during that interview, they will discuss a particular issue that women face and provide solutions for dealing with them. These issues will cover many topics such as the stress faced by female CEOs, dealing with aging parents, diseases that affect women, the emotional challenges that women face at each stage of their lives, the impact of a demanding job, depression, dating after forty, and many more.

Williams has already identified her lead co-author, Dr. Glenda Clare. Dr. Clare has worked in the fields of public and behavioral health for more than twenty years. Her focus is on human performance improvement, and she is a specialist in the development of the health and human service professional workforce. She is also licensed as a Baptist minister in the state of North Carolina, and is an experienced professional speaker and meeting/conference facilitator. Finally, Dr. Clare is the host of the radio talk show We All Got ISSUES, which is scheduled to re-launch in September 2015.

There is also a philanthropic aspect to the book; a portion of the royalties will be donated to Dress for Success, a non-profit organization active in over seventy-five cities nationwide, whose mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Williams is currently seeking contributors for the book, which is scheduled for publication in September 2015. She points out that September is National Women’s Health and Fitness Month, and the national organization behind this effort is initiating a nationwide campaign to include seminars, workshops, and speaking opportunities. This book will arrive at just the right moment to have the largest possible impact while millions of women are focused on the issues that affect their lives the most.

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