Eaton Compressor, the Highly Acclaimed Air Compressor Powerhouse Releases a New Website

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Eaton Compressor releases a new, more informative and advanced website

Eaton Compressor, the undisputed market leader in air compressors, has a new advanced website to allow customers to find product information, pricing details and quality specifications more conveniently.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our new website which provides comprehensive information to our customers and business associates,” says Matt, President and CEO for Eaton Compressor. “The launch of the new website is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to our valued customers. We are confident that this new website will allow our visitors to enjoy a highly enlightening experience as we continue to grow, improve our technologies, and increase our market presence.”

Eaton Compressor has emerged as one of the top manufacturers of air compressors and air products in the United States. They are the preferred resource for buying compressors because the products incorporate unique and groundbreaking technologies. The company manufactures piston, rotary screw, gas-powered, and portable type compressors and offers over 1000 models, both standard and customizable, at the most competitive ‘factory direct’ prices in the market.

Eaton Compressor specializes in manufacturing air compressors used for various industrial processes. They also manufacture portable and compact air compressors needed for smaller purposes like home decoration. The operations are conducted from their modern, state-of-the-art factory, which is spread over a sprawling 60,000 square feet of land. The company ships their products all over the USA.

These compressors manufactured here in the factory are of high quality. They offer great deals and offers to customers who buy their products directly from the factory outlets.

The biggest attraction and most popular product in the Eaton Compressor catalogue is the upgraded version of the rotary screw air compressor. According to Matt Cain, this is the more efficient, powerful, functional and noiseless model. “In my 37 years of experience with the company, the rotary screw air compressor is by far the best product that has been manufactured by the company,” says Matt Cain.

Details of all their air compressor models, including the latest versions of rotary screw air compressors, can be accessed from the new website which is now live and online. Customers planning to be a part of the huge and growing Eaton Compressor family can find all the information they are looking for, such as technical details, pricing and quality specifications, in one convenient place on the newly launched website.

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About Eaton Compressor:

Eaton Compressor was first established in 1977 and is also known as Polar Air. The company is located over 60,000 square feet of space in Englewood, Ohio, USA. The owner of the company, CEO, Matt Cain, takes prides in his company being the leading manufacturer of air compressors in USA.

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