India Exquisite Pageant triumphs over the world

“In the picture right to left: Rinki Ghildiyal (Miss India Exquisite 2015) Eesha Agarwal (Ms India Exquisite 2015) Rajni Subba, Shrreya Shah – (Mrs Exquisite International 2015 & Sindurii Basak (Mrs India Exquisite 2015 Queen for a Cause)”
Let us start by quoting Ms. Rajni Subba, Ms. India Exquisite 2014 and the National Director for Exquisite International, US at the Exquisite Pageant Baltimore, USA – “It’s just not an honour for India Exquisite Pageant but it is indeed a moment of pride for our nation”. It sums up the smashing success that the Indian girls achieved in the International Pageant of the Exquisites 2015.

Take a bow, girls —

  • Mrs India Exquisite 2015 Mrs Shrreya Shah was crowned Mrs Exquisite International 2015 & Fitness Winner.
  • Miss India Exquisite 2015 Miss Rinki Ghildiyal won the Title of 1st Runner-up & Media Award.
  • Mrs India Exquisite Queen for a Cause 2015 Mrs Sindurii Basak won the Title of 1st Runner-up.
  • Ms India Exquisite 2015 Ms Eesha Agarwal won the Title of 2nd Runner-up & Photogenic winner.

Was it just the success of a handful of women who looked pretty and spoke intelligent answers? Absolutely not! On this venue, on this day, the beauty of an Indian, her sensitivity, her sensibility and her unique journey from her past to this glorious future triumphed. It is no longer about the beauty that is visible to the mere vision of the world, but it is about the inner strength that must have transcended on the stage.

It is not easy to have reached where they are right now as the world looks upon them as winners. If you would care to delve deeper, you would be amazed at their unique success stories. For today however, they surely have once again put India on the world map where Indians are held in the highest regard.

As the women must have sashayed with their heads held high for one last time after being crowned, every Indian present in the event or watching it was certainly feeling their success in him. It was a victorious moment for the country too! The global platform showcases their talent to the maximum. A world of opportunity awaits them now. Not only will they be internationally accredited to a host of advantages, the country waits to embrace them as they return with their crowns back to her.

While we bask at the victory of the beautiful ladies, we mustn’t forget the support and endeavours of several behind them. The sponsors, the organizers and every soul that encouraged them, it is a victory for them too. Women of India need all the encouragement that comes their way. If one expects the nation to truly progress, the need for recognition and credence to the fairer sex in the nation is paramount.

The Exquisites Pageant through its national and international opportunities to dynamic Indian women has indeed wowed everybody. Here’s to the most awesome future of the glorious ladies and wishing them the very best in their forthcoming rocking lives. Cheers!

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