Basketball Player Lance Allred Bounces Into Career as Professional Motivational Speaker

Legally deaf from birth, NBA basketball player Lance Allred has recently retired and is now sharing his message of accepting challenges and overcoming obstacles as a featured keynote and motivational speaker for audiences across the U.S.

August 19, 2015 – The first legally deaf player in NBA history, Lance Allred, is bouncing into a second career as a professional motivational speaker. Based on his one-of-a-kind inspiring background story, powerful point of view and potential to inspire others who might be facing challenges in their lives, Allred has already been interviewed on Business Innovators Radio and was quickly invited to become a member of American Program Bureau (APB), the oldest speakers’ bureau in the world.

Allred is a published author having written, Longshot: The Adventures of a Deaf Fundamentalist Mormon Kid and His Journey to the NBA. He hopes to use his unique blend of childhood experiences and athletic prowess to speak to audiences who want to learn more about overcoming adversities through interesting stories, especially from professional athletes.

The hurdles to success might have almost seemed insurmountable to others not also blessed with his sense of perseverance and dedication. Born deaf, although hearing aids now help him communicate, Allred’s father was a member of a fundamentalist polygamist commune in Montana, which was founded by his grandfather, the prophet Rulon Allred. The family managed to escape the commune environment and moved to Salt Lake City when he was 13, but Lance’s life was further hampered by asthma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a growth spurt to the height of 6’11”.

Although most would consider this reason enough to turn inward and become anti-social, Lance began honing his skills as a shooter and rebounder on the basketball court in eighth grade. He played basketball with the University of Utah under Coach Rick Majerus, and then moved on to Weber State. He was not actively recruited by the NBA and had to scrounge for paying gigs, most notably in Europe and Turkey, before joining the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James for the 2007-2008 season. Although he only played in three games, his achievement stands as a beacon for all those who think they might not be good enough to achieve their dreams.

Recently retired, he has now turned those characteristics to a new career as a professional motivational speaker. He has a fresh, generic lens that brings a new twist to traditional topics such as teamwork, leadership, goal setting and perseverance. Engaging, honest, self-deprecating and often quite humorous Allred regales audiences with tales of his Mormon upbringing and his struggle to succeed against all odds. “I want to inspire people to shoot for their dreams, no matter how much the cards seemed stacked against them,” enthused the humble giant. “I am proof that it is possible to achieve success despite a troubled childhood as well as physical and emotional challenges. Now I want to share my message with as many groups as possible so that audience members will also be able to become the best person, teacher, manager, athlete or leader they can be.”

Topics he speaks on for both non-profit and corporate audiences include his premier keynote, The Longshot, which follows his career from compulsion to success. On another topic, Getting the Most Out of Your Team as a Leader, Allred combines childhood experiences with lessons from being a team captain to offer insights on his “7 Marks of a Leader.” The Impossible Team is his unique take on establishing a win-win environment across diverse personalities and backgrounds. His fourth speaking topic, Little Giant, shows how he overcame depression and bullying to impact kids in his home state and around the world. Lance’s next convention keynote is at the Salt Lake City Real Estate Investors (REI) Expo, which takes place on August 21 and 22. For the first time on stage, Allred plans to share how he finally found peace and how audience members can too.

About Lance Allred:

Lance Allred won Utah’s high school player-of-the-year award, and played for two years with the University of Utah. He later transferred to Weber State, where he graduated with a double-major in history and English. After playing basketball professionally in Europe and the NBA’s Development League, he was signed as a rookie by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008.

Further information on engaging his services as a motivation speaker may be obtained by visiting the website at or calling 617-614-1600.

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