Flexibility Matters When Plans Change

People tend to be set in their ways, and when things aren’t going as planned, a volcano erupts.
Change is never easy and many a time those struggling with addiction coherently cope with change in a negative way.

There are two different types of people in this world, those who handle change well, and those who don’t. People tend to be set in their ways, and when things aren’t going as planned, a volcano erupts. This volcano can be addiction, rage, or total shut down. Regardless, there are healthy ways of coping in order to continue progressing.

Learning to become flexible is the golden ticket to managing change. Life doesn’t always deliver lemons that can be made into lemonade, sometimes life throws a few rocks our way. Learning to dodge those rocks and move forward takes flexibility and patience. Realizing that everything happens for a reason and mastering the skills to cope with change will enhance and benefit anyone. Sometimes things change, and it’s ultimately better that way.

Anger is a natural and acceptable emotion. Change is inevitable. This is something most people learn at a young age. When time has been invested into making plans and arrangements for something, of course it’s upsetting when things don’t go the way they were intended to. People aren’t faulted for being angry, they are faulted for how they choose to deal with that anger. Moral of the story, learn healthy ways to cope with intense emotions.

A few solid coping techniques are:

Differentiate between small changes, and big changes. There are changes that occur throughout life and their true effect on a person’s day is as miniscule as a grain in the ocean. Sometimes a person’s first reaction is to freak out and dramatize the situation without taking a minute to differentiate whether the change is that big of a deal. Many people say, easier said than done. True! But practice makes perfect. This is a learned tool that needs to be exercised numerous times.

Analyze the situation. Sometimes after taking a deeper look into what events have taken place and where the root of emotion is coming from, a person can better analyze the situation. After analyzing the emotions and realising why they are present, it becomes easier to manage change.

Take a breath. Inhale, and exhale–breathe. It’s important for someone to take a moment to breath, relax the mind, and have a moment of silence to prepare for their next move.

Whether someone is struggling from addiction or just struggling with change, learning new and healthy ways to cope can benefit anyone.

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