At Cold Creek, Unique Individualized Recovery makes a Difference

Substance abuse and addictive behaviors are extremely personal and individual problems.
Each addict is a completely unique individual that faces separate fears and challenges related to recovering from their exclusive addiction.

Substance abuse and addictive behaviors are extremely personal and individual problems that make designing a recovery program that isn’t completely rooted in self-awareness and self-knowledge, just that much more difficult.  Learning about personal triggers, the root of emotional and mental health problems that lead to addictive behavior, and the best approaches to prevent distraction in a recovery lifestyle are all valuable insights that a person gains through a recovery program.  An excellent addiction recovery and treatment program will emphasize these tools as they are the foundation for the new life that the addict is able to build post-recovery.

When a person is unaware of their own triggers, it’s easy for that person to feel buffeted by change, distracted by emotional situations that come up in life, and knocked off balance by significant relationships.  This lack of emotional balance stems in part from an unawareness of the individual’s psychological, medical, and emotional makeup.  An addiction recovery and treatment program will spend the most time and resources bringing the addict to an understanding of his or her own makeup, allowing for growth and self-knowledge to form the basis for new patterns of behavior.

Without a firm footing in understanding one’s own motivations, needs, and dependencies, the addict is prone to relapse once the addiction recovery therapy is complete because we all face challenges in life that give us doubt.  The purpose of an addiction recovery program is not to isolate the individual patient from real life, but to use the time in recovery to gain insight and understanding that can be applied to life after rehab.  The problems outside us don’t change, but the patient in recovery can learn to change their approach and understanding of how the world operates.

By focusing on the underlying mental and emotional health needs of an individual patient, the program that a world-class addiction recovery facility develops for a patient will be one that meets the unique and individual personal challenges that face a patient. Layering on top of this understanding, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities of aware and mindful living, can lend skills and approaches to what were once reactive and daunting situations.  The difficulties of being one’s self in the world are not going to be eliminated by recovery, but the tools and skills learned will reduce the stress and change of relapse for a patient in addiction recovery.


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