Elite Rehab Sheds Light On The Stress That Comes From Loving an Addict

Loving an addict depletes peace and contentment within someone.
Stress, discomfort, and anxiety affect a person’s ability to help.

Loving an addict depletes peace and contentment within someone. There is a burden that’s carried by the person who loves someone struggling with addiction, that burden is fear. Fear that their loved one may have an adverse effect from substance abuse, fear that they could be harmed, and fear that the addiction may win. When completely consumed by these emotions, it gradually becomes more difficult to protect loved ones suffering from addiction.

Often times the individual suffering from addiction stimulates fights within the relationship. Rule number one, do not engage. These arguments do not benefit anyone and can do more harm than good. More often than not, an addict has been overtaken by the substance they are abusing, so they aren’t themselves. Learning how to defuse a bomb may be of great use in situations such as these. The bomb being, loved ones struggling with addiction.

Health problems throughout the recovery process play a large part in the actions and reactions of an individual. The body needs time to heal, good nutrition, and an adequate amount of sleep. Generally, the individual who is in love with an addict suffers equally through this process. It’s burdensome and can cause lack of sleep and improper nutrition.

Maintain realistic expectations. This is such an important aspect in loving someone who is chemically addicted. It’s hopeless to expect rational, responsible, and trustworthy actions from those who may not have it to give.

Continue holding onto dreams and goals. This can be challenging when loving an addict. People tend to put 100% of their energy and focus on the recovery of their loved ones. A result of this is their dreams and passions are then put on the back burner. When a person is constantly making exceptions and sacrifices, bitterness can creep in. This form of bitterness never ends well and will add more stress to an already stressful situation.  

Something to keep in mind is that it’s the choice of the addict to make a change. Loved ones can only carry the burdens and stress of someone who is struggling with addiction for so long, this is why many healthcare representatives recommend counseling for both parties; addict and loved ones. It’s important for those loving an addict to understand addiction, what the addict is going through, and how to help themselves while still helping their loved one.


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