AmeriPro Home Loans is Committed to Three Covenants in their Mission

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Tulsa, OK – August 19, 2015 – Most of us have heard of the term covenant in one of two ways. It is often used in business or law to refer to an incidental element or part of a larger or broader agreement. The term covenant also refers to the conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture, where God promised to protect them if they kept His law and were faithful to Him. While organizations can’t promise, in a constantly changing environment, total safety or security, AmeriPro is committed to the three covenants of their mission.

During their work experience, AmeriPro has been fortunate to work in some of the leading edge companies to large public companies. Both have their pros and cons, but often times there is a misperception about large companies as being safer. It has been AmeriPro’s observation that many large companies that are often thought of as being safe and secure are not at all! Why? Because logos have no loyalty, people do. Again, it comes back to relationships.

Inherent in the commitment to be a company that lives the OneLIFE philosophy is an emphasis on caring for the consumer and the agent/employee. AmeriPro’s mission statement is 3 specific commitments that they work very hard to treat as “solemn” rather than “incidental”.

Too often mission statements, along with vision, values and other corporate declarations, are incidental to how the business is led, run and intertwined in people’s lives. They typically end up just being a “plaque on the wall” and too often become incidental to the many, important decisions that are made every day AmeriPro employees show up for work.

In AmeriPro’s attempt to get their mission statement off the wall and into action, they decided to treat it, not as a declaration of principles, but as a group of solemn promises. The promises are “solemn” in that they, as leaders and as an organization, are committed to taking them seriously. AmeriPro ask the same of their people. That’s what it takes to make it a reality. Everyone must take it seriously and work to make it work.

AmeriPro has seen great success in both teaching and living their three covenants. By far, the majority of their people, make sincere, honest effort to hold up their part of each commitment. They have seen some abuse, but it has been minor. That abuse has very often been the consequence of “not understanding” rather than “not caring” to take the covenants as seriously as intended.

Embedded in each covenant is a set of principles or assumptions that they believe to be true. The covenant invites all parties to live the principles and, in doing so, see the promises that each covenant describes.

Here are their covenants with a brief explanation of both the principles from which AmeriPro grows and the solemn agreements they contain. They have chosen to illustrate each covenant by including a story of where they have seen them make real differences in the loves of their people.

Exceptional Customer Experience.  Their goal is to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the home buying and selling process. They endeavor to provide their customers a truly exemplary experience by bundling the brokerage, mortgage, title, and in insurance together as one. This bundle will guarantee the customer an exceptional experience.

Empowering the Individual. They believe in the free market and the potential of the individual. They endeavor to provide their agents, loan officers, employees and associates with unlimited potential to build strong customer relationships by providing exceptional service and value. Empowering the individual to use their God given abilities, talents, and creativity with a truly effective set of services will create real value for the individual, the customer and the Company.

Environment of Care.  They aim to create a working environment that encourages the respect for and well-being of others. AmeriPro desires to assist and support each other daily in ways that truly instill motivation- to give of them-selves so that others may continue the gift of giving by instituting an environment of compassion and care for all. This will be their greatest asset.

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