Can a Deck of Cards Influence Social Change?

Stopping Reefer Madness

Raising $6350 in 30 days to manufacture a deck of medical marijuana themed poker cards may not seem like the type of endeavor that has the mountain moving potential to change federal law but its creators feel differently. “We feel that every mustard seed that can be planted helps fuel awareness and education for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.”

After coming home from the funeral of a friend who died from Cancer, Michael and Brenda realized that the real tragedy, beyond the death of a friend, were the two years of suffering through rounds of chemo-therapy and the associated side effects. “There are people across this country with loved ones that are suffering from diseases and ailments that could be treated with medical cannabis: children with epilepsy, soldiers with PTSD, Cancer patients, Multiple Sclerosis suffers, people battling depression. This list keeps growing.”

“We educated ourselves on the topic by reading and talking to people, both those who wish they had legal access to medical cannabis and organizations that were spearheading social change like NORML. (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) We wanted to be more involved and selling bumper stickers just didn’t seem like it would reach that many people.“

“When our children were little we always liked “flash cards” as an educational tool. That’s when the lightbulb went off.  A deck of poker cards with pictures and names of different marijuana strains and their medicinal effects.  A set of educational “flash cards” for grown-ups disguised as a novelty poker set.”

Their plan is to raise enough capital to cover the manufacturing costs for a small run of cards and sell them on Brenda’s website They plan to donate 5% of all website sales to NORML.  This country’s social perception of marijuana is definitely changing, and it appears to be a trend that is going to continue. The speed of this change will very much depend on how many mustard seeds are planted.

Kickstarter does not allow for charity fundraising and all campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model. If the Medical Cannabis poker Cards project doesn’t reach its goal at the end of 30 days then Brenda and Michael go home empty-handed. Be sure to follow them on twitter @cannabispokercards and Facebook for updates on their progress and to spread the word to your social media networks. Go to Kickstarter to pre-order a deck of poker/flash cards or consider donating as little as $5 to help their project come to life.

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