Tim Rochford Of iPaintHomes.com Becomes Best-Selling Amazon Author

Tim Rochford, iPaintHomes.com, the Owner of Ameripro of Gilbert, AZ was just named a best-selling author by Amazon. Rochford co-authored a new business book called Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success.

The business and entrepreneur book was released August 18th, 2015 on Amazon and at other online retailers. Within just days of it’s release, the book hit several Amazon bestseller lists; including #7 in Small Business and #17 in Entrepreneur categories.

In the book, Rochford shares his personal biography and offers some “insider secrets” to his success. The idea of the book is for potential entrepreneurs to be able to learn from the experiences of those who have been where they are and gone on to build successful businesses.

Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple once said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” Rochford built his business from just an idea, where he hadn’t even considered it might be more than just a little soloprenuership to the thriving and growing enterprise iPaintHomes.com. Like Jobs, the key to his success has been perseverance and also like Jobs, Rochford has focused on keeping up with new technology in his field. His company is known for residential house painting and they offer the latest paints which are safer for the environment, non-toxic, low fume and even organic paint. His commitment is to keeping up with changes in the industry in order to provide the best service and that means protecting the health of his painters and of the families in the homes that they paint.

Rochford says, “If I can start out just painting homes myself and grow my business to painting homes all over Arizona, then anyone should have the confidence to step up and start their own business. There is no place else where you will find the freedom and the satisfaction you can find than in owning your own company.”

About Winning Ways

In this powerful guide, business leaders and entrepreneurs Ken Sherman, Dr. Patricia Pivonka, John Herring, Kim Lenz, Chris Soto, Doug Rusk, Tim Rochford, Lori Neff, Jennifer Riggs and Jason Wiseman have teamed up to share with you their “winning ways,” offering insight into their “insider secrets” for creating business success. Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success offers a glimpse into the thoughts, strategies and plans of these highly successful entrepreneurs who work in more than 8 different industries serving clients all over the Northern hemisphere.

Winning Ways explores the experience and secrets of these successful entrepreneurs by uncovering their earliest roots starting down the path of entrepreneurship to looking at their toughest failures, how they overcame obstacles, revealing their inner mindset and tracing their path to business success. By reading about their business strategy and discovering how, exactly they came to be so successful at what they so, you can learn about the key habits, actions and traits of success and apply them to your own business. In this unique guide, real entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and business owners in different industries share with you and show you how those traits look out in the real world, in practice.

Winning Ways: Insider Secrets for Business Success is available in Kindle and Print formats on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble online, via iTunes and at other online retailers. To order a copy of the book from Amazon please visit: http://www.amazon.com/

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