Lab-Diamonds Adds Pure Carbon, Lab-Created Diamonds to Their Collection introduces Pure Carbon, Colorless, Lab-Created Diamonds to their extensive collection of Lab-Diamond Simulants.

Pure Carbon, Lab-Created Diamonds will be an option for all jewelry on, including engagement rings, men’s rings, earrings, and pendants. All of their Lab-Created Pure Carbon Diamonds will test positive on a jeweler’s diamond tester, and save you 30-50% when compared to mined diamonds of like kind and quality.

Pure Carbon, Lab-Created Diamonds are grown in a carefully controlled laboratory environment using an advanced technological process. They are physically, chemically, and optically identical to Naturally Mined Diamonds, with the exception of being grown by man.

“We wanted to extend our collection beyond our unique Lab-Diamond Simulants for couples who desire the qualities of a mined diamond, but have ethical as well as environmental concerns of purchasing a naturally mined diamond. “All of our lab created diamond pieces are accompanied with an IGI Lab certificate of origin as well, to provide assurance that they are ethically grown with minimal environmental impact,” said Diamond Expert and Director of Design, Lee Cartwright.

All of Lab Diamonds Direct Lab-Created Diamonds have the phrase lab-created and the certificate number, laser engraved on the girdle for consumer protection. Lab Diamonds Direct is your Lab-Diamond expert, providing an extraordinary collection of lab created gems to define a modern elegance.

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