‘AnyTranscription’ transcribes almost all audio/video files in just a few simple steps

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With increasing use of audio and video modes to communicate as well as record an event, the demand for online audio transcription has also increased and to find an effective yet convenient platform becomes important for the user in this scenario.

Keeping the same in mind, AnyTranscription has been offering transcription services for past many years while improving the platform frequently to make it more and more convenient to use. The website currently offers online transcription services to its users including audio transcription services, voice to text conversion and much more.

Transcription services majorly becomes important in businesses, when a meeting or conference is being recorded and later on it needs to be recorded in the form of text document. It can also be very useful for conference calls when the important points are needed to be documented for use in future. Not only the businesses, but students can also take help of this service to convert an audio or video lecture into a text file which will be easier to study and refer from.

With the widespread of technology and extensive use of recording instruments, people can easily record and audio and video and transfer into their mobiles or computer but documenting it into a text format becomes a daunting task and that’s when transcription services  come into light.

Through, AnyTranscription the user just needs to click on the ‘Transcription Services’, upload the file they want to get a text file of, make a simple online payment in and then just wait for the order to be completed by the transcriptionists. The website supports almost all formats of files, takes care of any special requirements or instructions and transcribes the file in any language according to the user’s requirement. The company promises to deliver the work in prescribed deadline with satisfactory quality.

The various services provided by the company includes ‘Academic Transcription’ which can be used to transcribe research, Dissertation Materials, Classroom Lectures, Audio Books, and more, the Legal Transcription to transcribe Court Recording, Emergency Call Services, Investigative Recording, Court Decision, and other documents, Medical Transcription for Doctor’s recordings, operative reports, referral letters, and other documents. The Foreign Language Transcription can be used to transcribe foreign languages for 20+ different languages.

Conference Transcription can be used for transcribing Press Conference, Online Conference, Teleconference and the Interview Transcription services is specifically used for News, Autobiography, Journalism, Advertisement transcription.

With its reasonable pricing and trustworthy quality the company has associated a number of regular clients including Intertrust, international Trade Administration, GE energy, Ten Alps and many more.

The website includes professionals with vast experience in this field making the online transcription services quite easier and convenient. By using both people-powered review and the computer software, it aims to deliver the best quality work.

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