Kids in the House Covers All Aspects of Colic from Remedies to How Parents Can Deal with the Crying

While the medical causes of colic are unknown, so are the remedies. Babies, doctors, and parents have struggled with colic for a very long time.

Kids in the House presents information on what little help there is out there for babies and parents alike from the top parenting professionals and doctors around the world. New articles featuring experts like Wendy Walsh, Dr. Joshua Sparrow, Juli Schneiderman, Dr. Lawrence Kagan, and Dan Thomas have just been published due to the growing demand for information on colic.

Dealing with colic as a parent is very taxing. Good thing there are usually two parents per baby. Many experts recommend taking shifts when possible — otherwise maintenance of sanity is simply out of the question!

Venting to other parents is also totally okay. Most parents do not realize that other parents are going through the same exact struggles.

There is no consensus on what is the best way to treat colic and this can be frustrating for parents. This frustration adds to the stress that parents already have from their baby crying all the time. For this reason, Kids in the House features a number of professionals that showcase a broad array of opinions and suggestions.

Some myths are debunked while others are supported. It just means that parents have to usually try a combination of remedies in order to find help for their colicky babies.

Although there is no “one size fits all” resolution to colic, there are some conclusions that can be drawn from these Kids in the House experts. The most accepted treatment for colic is the use of probiotics, live bacteria and yeasts that are good for one’s health, especially the digestive system.  The least accepted treatment is grip water, a combination of sugar, water, fennel root, and ginger.

Sometimes, maintaining a normal routine is the best way to mentally prepare to handle a colicky baby. Scheduling, asking for help, and never leaving your baby to cry it out are just some of the tidbits of advice put forth by the Kids in the House experts.

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