The VoIP telephony package by Acropolis can help save up to 90% on telephone bills

One of the leading Internet Service providers of UK and the providers of one of the best broadband connections in the country, AcropolisOnLine Ltd provide VOIP telephony package which can help to reduce bills on telephone calls by up to 90%, with one.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a new technology which can be used to make and receive phone calls using Ethernet broadband Internet connection instead of the standard phone line. Acropolis converts the regular phone calls into data that zips like an e-mail, through the high speed internet connection. The output comes out like a regular phone call which makes it just like a regular phone call.

 To use this technology, the telephone needs to be connected to any high speed Internet connection, (can be provided by Acropolis) using the Acropolis phone adapter (or USB phone) provided by the company, and the connection is ready to be used like any other telephone line.

 The connection does not require any long term contract and the set-up is free of cost as well. The connection can be used with our without computer and the payment can be done as the user talks. This is a very useful technology to reduce long distance calls and line expenses. Moreover, it can also be used to make free calls to other VoIP locations.

The set-up does not require any other hardware to be attached if Acropolis VoIP Adaptor is being used. It just needs to be plugged in with the phone line and after simple installation steps it is ready to be used. The calls can be done without turning on the computer as well.

The company works on the philosophy that people should not pay excessively for the services provided by the Telecom companies and aims to develop technologies and services with high quality and optimum performance available at reasonable and affordable rates.

Nick Sidiropoulos, the CEO and founder of AcropolisOnLine Ltd, has been working in the field of VoIP and mobile development for the past 15 years, before coming up with this amazing service which can change the face of telecom services.

AcropolisOnLine has presence in over 50 countries across the world at affordable prices. The Acropolis Greece number, is available for just £14 yearly with no per minute charges, similarly the service is available for other countries like Malta, Netherlands, UK and many more.  The International DID numbers can easily be managed through the management tool provided by the company.

The service provided by the company has very less cost associated with it in comparison to the benefits and savings it can get in long term, especially for those who are facing the trouble of a huge telephone bill.


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