AnyFlip Flip Book Maker For Mac Is Now The Top Free Way To Create Flipbook On Mac

Mac users can now rely on this free flipbook maker for building high quality flipbooks that work across a whole range of mobile devices

Flipbook is the undisputed and revolutionary new kid on the block in the e-book scene. It has evolved to change the whole perspective of electronic publications from ‘text-only’ to a new era of interactive, realistic and engaging e-book experience with full multimedia capabilities. However, total flipbook experience was only confined to Windows users until recently since flipbook tools built for Mac OS were not as advanced and comparatively higher in price.

AnyFlip Flip Book Maker for Mac

There was always a need for an advanced flipbook tool for Mac users with powerful features all-inclusive offered free or at an affordable rate. AnyFlip is the ultimate solution that makes the two ends meet – advanced features and affordability.

“There are many flipbook tools in the software market for Windows users to choose from, but Mac users are not as fortunate. Flipbook tools for Mac are always expensive,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Flipbuilder.

AnyFlip was launched to offer Mac users all over the globe free opportunity to build high-quality flipbooks on their Mac devices. It quickly became popular among Mac users that it ranked top among Mac users’ free choices.

Latest Version Now Available with Great Features

The latest version of the world’s most popular flipbook maker for Mac was recently released with various new features added. AnyFlip for Mac 1.3.5 comes with an improved 3D realistic page-flipping effect that takes the electronic publication to a whole new level. It radically changes the traditional e-book experience by introducing integrated flash animations, scenes and effects that make reading flipbooks even more interesting.

With AnyFlip for Mac 1.3.5 Mac users can publish their flipbooks online or offline and even transfer using removable storage and CD/DVD. This interactive flipping book publishing platform also allows unlimited publications with secure and reliable hosting for online users. Since it supports HTML5, jQuery and CSS3, AnyFlip publications are completely mobile compatible. They can be viewed on a whole range of mobile devices from laptops through tabs to smartphones.

All in all, AnyFlip is the best choice for Mac users looking for free flipbook makers with all features inclusive.

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