How After Care Programs Guard the Patients from Relapsing into Old Habits

Aftercare is a crucial step in the treatment of addiction and is essential to reduce the risk of relapse.

Detoxification is not a process that shows results solely within the limits of a six to seven week rehabilitation treatment program; recovery from addiction is a process that is to continue for a lifetime. The aftercare steps taken immediately after the treatment can make a huge difference between endless rehab cycles and permanent sobriety.

Up to 23.5 million Americans are suffering from substance abuse. On the contrary, only 2.6 million- less than 11%- are receiving specialized rehab treatment. The percentage of aftercare programs are even lower. Thus, those who complete their rehabilitation eventually relapse due to the lack of aftercare.

Stats reveal that nearly 800 individuals become addicted on daily basis to different drugs, half of them are teenagers. Continued counseling, transitional living and support groups provided by aftercare help the patients realize their responsibilities, which prevents addicts from returning back to their old habits. Aftercare is a platform designed for individuals to connect with other recovering addicts, follow practical guidelines for dealing with stress and rehab challenges, and have access to invaluable guidance and motivation from professionals.

Some recovering addicts, mostly under the age of 18, perceive aftercare as a symbol of weakness. They believe that they, after the rehabilitation process, have a good grasp on their condition. The case of each individual is different, but for most addicts the recommendation to follow through with an after rehab care program highly increases the chance of permanently remaining sober

According to the statistics, patients who follow through with the aftercare programs have a 90% higher chance of remaining sober. In the initial time of sobriety patients not only suffer from withdrawal effects, but from emotional stress as well. Once they feel more physically and emotionally stable, it becomes easier for them to understand how they can have a grasp over their condition. With a clear mind and less physical symptoms they find it easier to understand and realize the advantages of sobriety and a good quality of life. That is why following through aftercare increases the probability for an addict to continue with sobriety. The amount of time required differs for each individual, and is only possible to be determined by a specialists. We as humans tend to focus on the short-term effects of things and tend to avoid the long term implications, an aftercare program not only equips the individual with life skills, but keeps them rooted on the right tract to lead a happy and long life.


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