The Jacksons Persevere Despite Seven Failed Pregnancies

PISCATAWAY, NJ – August 25, 2015 – Two ectopic pregnancies, three miscarriages, a child passing away at birth, and a failed surrogacy is enough to cause any couple significant grief.

“I believe in God but I still don’t truly understand why this happened to me. He doesn’t give you more than you can handle,” says Lisa Jackson, Piscataway resident and victim of unimaginable tragedy.

Lisa’s story begins like many other happy stories. She met her husband, John, during high school in 1996. They were high school sweethearts and best friends. A decade later, they decided to take the next steps by getting married. Shortly after marriage, they decided to have children because this was a culmination of a lifelong dream. This is when things took an unexpected turn.

Lisa says, “There was never any past health problems. I never had any indication that bringing a child into the world would be such a difficult task.”

Her path to having a child began with a blighted ovum, then two ectopic pregnancies. After these difficulties, they decided to have IVF treatment. However, misfortune followed this as well. The first miscarriage was at 12 weeks. The second miscarriage was a set of twins at 10 weeks. Finally, they suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks. But then, amidst the pain, something great happened.

“I got pregnant and it was not an ectopic pregnancy. We got past 12 weeks, too. Everything was going so well,” Lisa says.

However, during a routine, twenty-two week sonogram, Lisa’s physician noticed she was unexpectedly going into labor. The medical team decided to perform a cerclage on Lisa. However, one day after the cerclage, her water broke. This resulted in her son being in-utero without amniotic fluid, creating a very dangerous situation.

“At St. Peters University Hospital, a baby’s life comes first, so they wouldn’t even permit early delivery of our son,” Lisa says.

As a result, Lisa’s physician sent the Jacksons to St. Barnabas Hospital. At just twenty-four weeks, Jabez Adrian Jackson was born. However, he only lived for a short time that day. Things were already tragic because of their son’s death, but then, Lisa had to fight for her life. She contracted a blood condition known as Toxemia, resulting from pregnancy complications.

The Jacksons decided to pursue other avenues after this traumatic experience that has left her with anxiety and ongoing health problems. They pursued a surrogate to carry one of their embryos. However, after spending twenty thousand dollars, the surrogate’s uteral lining could not get thick enough and the couple was still without a child. This caused even more pain because of the significant financial loss.

John Jackson, Jr. says, “It is demoralizing, but we just stay believing God has a plan in all of this.”

Lisa and John still have five viable embryos that are being stored. They refuse to give up hope that one day, someone will be willing to carry one of these embryos so a child can be born. But financial difficulties after the failed surrogacy have made this scenario seem impossible so far.

The Jackson’s welcome your prayers, support, assistance, and suggestions. You can reach out to them by contacting 11:59 Media and Public Affairs at: 202-239-5162, or by sending 11:59 Media and Public Affairs an email here:!contact/czpl

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