Bikiros is a Revolutionary Device for Young Cyclists that Optimizes Safety

It is estimated that there were 133 million bicycles manufactured and sold in 2014, and many experts predict that the number of active cyclists will grow in the coming years as people try to save money and benefit the environment. Among the most enthusiastic of cyclists are usually children, who unfortunately, are also among the most likely to become injured while cycling. While some of this is due to youthful exuberance, there are other factors including poor training and improper biking technique. A new electronic device called Bikiros can help reduce the likelihood of injury by monitoring the environment around the bicycle and correcting bikers when their technique is wrong.

Bikiros is a powerful, multi-platform device that integrates with a smartphone to assess and evaluate the operating environment of a cyclist. Using front and rear sensors as well as a wheel monitor, Bikiros can effectively maintain awareness of the situation around the biker almost 100 percent of the time. The Bikiros system is aware of high risk behaviors like late braking, reckless obstacle handling, tailgating, high speed cornering and poor choice of operating surface. Bikiros also utilizes a 80 decibel siren and 1 Watt LED flashing light warning system to alert the biker to imminent dangers like blind spots and fast approaching objects, allowing them to avoid harmful collisions.

In addition to on-the-road safety, Bikiros also enhances the safety of bike riders by alerting guardians to high risk behavior. Parents can track how their child behaved on the bicycle and take immediate steps to correct this unsafe behavior. Bikiros also suggests mobile games and educational programs for users that will reinforce correct bicycle operation.

Bikiros is a highly promising new device that every family with young cyclists will want, but it is currently still in development. The Bikiros team would like to invite the public to help make cycling safer and more popular by supporting their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In return for supporting this worthwhile project, you can receive valuable perks like the Bikiros Pioneer Edition (at a discount), two years of app subscription, hoodie, Bikiros Co-Dev Edition, Bikiros Family Pack, two day biking tour in Hong Kong or Beijing, or distributorship status.

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