Phil Tuma to speak on Passive 2-Phase Immersion Cooling of Computers for Cloud Computing at coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Live Webcast

“Speaker Phil Tuma will be presenting at coolingZONE 2015 to discuss Passive 2-Phase Immersion Cooling of Computers.”
Phil Tuma discusses recent developments in immersion cooling, its advantages, benefits and comparisons to limitations of traditional cooling methods. This technology is in use today to cool computers used in cloud computing, BitCoin mining an and Super Computing. coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit, A Live Webcast! Being held October 20-22, 2015. coolingZONE 2015 is focusing on cooling The Internet of Things this year, from wearables to the datacenters that drive cloud computing.

coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit, A Live Webcast! Is proud to announce that Phil Tuma, of 3M’s Advanced Materials Solutions Division will be speaking on Recent Developments in Passive 2-phase Immersion Cooling of Computers.  This presentation will review the comparative merits and operating principles of 2PI. Its application for Bitcoin mining gives a glimpse of what may be possible when x86 hardware evolves to take advantage of the technology’s capabilities. Recent cluster-scale deployments with supercomputer hardware have provided valuable insights for future deployments.

About Phil Tuma’s Talk at coolingZONE 2015

Passive 2-phase immersion cooling (P2PIC) is being explored by 3M and partners as a means of meeting the energy efficiency and power density needs of the computing industry. This presentation will review the comparative merits and operating principles of 2PI.

In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquids, which are much better heat conductors than air, water or oil. With their various low boiling points (ie. 49°C vs. 100°C in water), the fluids boil on the surface of heat generating components and rising vapor passively takes care of heat transfer.

In contrast to submersion oil cooling, liquids are clean, environmentally friendly and non-flammable. No heatsinks, pumps and jets are required to keep hardware cool. Circulation happens passively by the natural process of evaporation and without spending any extra energy.

It is this simplicity that eliminates conventional cooling hardware and results in better cooling efficiency. Compared to traditional air, water or oil cooling, this passive process results in the use of much less energy.

Open bath immersion (OBI) is an example of passive two-phase cooling, which uses a boiling liquid to remove heat from a surface and then condenses the liquid for reuse, all without a pump. The servers are immersed in 3M’s Novec, a non-conductive chemical with a very low boiling point, which easily condenses from gas back to liquid. The OBI technique, which we first saw at last year’s Data Center World show, is now in use in a handful of sites.

About Phil Tuma

Phil Tuma is an Advanced Application Development Specialist in the Electronics Materials Solutions Division of 3M Company.  He has worked for 19 years developing applications for fluorinated heat transfer fluids in various industries.  His current work is focused on developing techniques that facilitate the use of passive 2-phase immersion techniques for cooling power electronics and computer equipment.  He holds a BA from the University of St. Thomas, a BSME from the University of Minnesota and a MSME from Arizona State University.

About coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit, A Live Webcast

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coolingZONE Thermal Management Summit is an engineering and technical conference for all professionals in thermal management, electronics cooling, heat transfer and energy transport.  This year, the even will cover cooling for the Internet of Things: from wearables all the way through the data centers for cloud computing.  The event is in its 15th year.

coolingZONE brings together not only theory but solutions from leading technology companies in thermal management.  Our speaker’s discuss challenges facing todays and tomorrow’s electronics and concepts and solutions to solve them.  You won’t leave with formulas; you’ll leave with answers and what is on the horizon for your thermal management needs.

Our Live Webcast format allows for the broadest audience from around the world to participate and learn from the world’s leading experts in thermal management.

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