Author Ron Millicent Offers a Poignant, yet Humorous Look at Life

SALEM, OR – August 28, 2015 – Life is a Journey using Ron Millicent’s less than illustrious military stint as a base. Through a three-part series, Ron describes life experiences, some related to his non-combat military career, and some just reliving experiences as a civilian having ups and downs in life – but always with a wry sense of appreciation and humor for life’s follies.

He has already received many wonderful comments from the initial readers.

Sample Comments:

A Family Counselor in Oregon:
I wish I had the experiences and the ability to look at life through such wonderful lens earlier in life. Now that I have changed how I look at life this book really makes sense to me. As Chuck Swindoll once said “life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we respond to it.” This book is full of great examples of how the author applied these principles in his life and how all of can chose to look at life in a most positive way that truly will transform your life.

A retiree in Oregon:
I Loved this book. I found the author to be insightful, caring, and humorous. I could not put it down until I finished it. I am looking forward to reading more of his books. This set will be a good read for everyone, as well as a great gift package for employers and business clients.

After experiencing his own interesting, hugely enjoyable, peacetime tour of duty in Europe, Ron came to the conclusion that he had really lucked out. There came a time when he wanted to balance the scales out, and that was when he decided to pay back.

His antidotes and insights became a series of three books, including a collection of heartwarming, poignant, and sometimes incredibly humorous stories detailing his adventures and misadventures in both military and civilian life.

Volume Two offers a step-by-step program for readers to follow in order to find their own happiness, while Volume Three is laid out as a collection of daily encouraging statements and quotes, designed to inspire as the reader works on his or her journey through life.

Through Ron’s Indiegogo campaign, he is intending to raise approximately $13,650 in order to professionally publish, refine  and distribute his three-part series and begin marketing to new readers.

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