Runbo H1 let you experience the real hard, strong and rugged phone

The rugged waterproof phones Runbo H1 own most outstanding features. In addition, according to the specifically demand by people’s actually industry, this phone could also be specialized customized. Those customized features have been concluded into following factors.

First, the VOC (volatile organic compounds) gas monitor and alcohol sensor. This function could help people ready to test the air quality around their environment and confirm whether the standard of the around air has such damage to human body. This function is very crucial for workers in the chemical industry.

Second, the 4W DMR digital analog radios. This function has more powerful and more efficient communication ability. It could let people talk with each other among longer distance. Furthermore, this function also has super confidentiality and perfect voice quality and it can replace professional radio and then achieve interoperability with other Runbo H1 Waterproof Phone.

Third, this one is the bar code reading function. It could help to identify specific targets and read and write the associated data from the bar code.

Fourth, this is the specifically designed public speaking POC keys which can integrate the publich platform on the Internet and ten achieve cross-regional intercom.

The fifth on should be the 4.3-inch screen with the ability of sunlight visibility. It could let people have clear vision both indoor and outdoor and all-weather condition.

Last, if users want to get the high quality photo taking, they could also get the customized 13 million pixels camera to obtain a more perfect picture.

On the other hand, the Runbo H1 waterproof smartphone also supports the entire 4G network. The main hardware configuration include the 3.2W hardware intercom, quad-core 1.5G processor, 4.5-inch high-definition screen with 960*540 ultra-high resolution, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM memory portfolio which could be expandable to 32G, smooth running Android 5.1 operating system and the Compass / GPS / GLONASS GPS navigation system. In a words, this phone could be said the ideal companion for each outside travel lover.

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